Spare Car keys

Are you driving around with only 1 car key? Then you are a daredevil.

The cost of a replacement key compared to a spare key is a lot more.

A Customers story

Let me tell you about a customer of ours.

They called up asking for a spare remote key for their Peugeot 107. ( The Citreon C1 and Toyota Aygo also use the same system.)

The price of a spare key supplied cut and programmed for that vehicle is £160. She said “It is too expensive for the moment.” As she had just purchased the vehicle. She also said that she’s never lost a key in her life so it will be fine.

We advised that if she was to lose the key the price would be more like £400 to replace it.

the reason for that is the dashboard has to be removed from the vehicle.

However, she politely declined our quote.

1 week later we receive a call from the customer…

asking if they can still have a spare key for £160.

we asked if she still had the original key? her reply was “sort of…”

She had dropped the key in the street and the case had fallen apart. She managed to put it back together, however, the transponder chip had fallen out of it!

After 1995 every vehicle manufactured had to have a transponder chip inside.

A transponder chip contains a code for the immobiliser system for the car to be started.

Unfortunately for the customer, the £400 now had to be paid for a new key.

Here are some pictures of the job.

Don’t end up in the unfortunate situation this customer did. Get a spare get for your vehicle, it helps the re-sell value also. Most people don’t like buying a car with only 1 key.

They will usually try to knock off at least £200 from the asking price.

This is especially true for Toyota vehicles as this removal of the entire dashboard is required when all keys are lost.

We offer very competitive prices on all our keys.

Call us now with your car registration and location for a quote on a spare key price.



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