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What a festival that was! Another smashing time, and now it’s time to leave.

but you can’t find your car keys… not a great moment for anyone…

Fear not, If you have been unfortunate enough to lose your car keys we are on standby to help at Glastonbury Festival. We get inundated with calls every year from poor souls who are stranded in the mud without any car keys.

Glanstonbury Festival

Many auto locksmiths choose not to get involved with the festival lost car key jobs.

Quite frankly I cannot blame them, as often it’s particularly mucky with slushy mud. This means the van is at risk of getting bogged down and stranded.

The aftermath is also not the prettiest scene to arrive to, often described as a post-war town.

The traffic is also extremely heavy at the end of the event meaning the locksmith often has to commit many hours to get in and out of the event.

Another thing to watch out for is zombies. There have been reports of several zombie-like creatures who make an appearance at the end of the festival, crawling out from the slush.

This is why most locksmiths choose not to replace lost car keys at the Glastonbury festival.

Zombie in the mud

However I am rather familiar with both zombies and the slush, and I also know a thing to two about replacing lost car keys.

I usually attended many of the UK festivals to actually have fun for myself from start to finish.

The campervan gets used for this mission so we can stay so fresh and so clean clean. Most of the auto locksmith equipment gets preloaded into the van beforehand. It’s crucial to leave some space for pleasure obviously inside the vehicle. The nice soft double bed must have enough space around it. There must be enough space around the table to have a civilised meal, play card games, drinking games and watch TV. Enough space has to be left for absolutely nonsensical manoeuvres also.

Luckily this is easily achieved by the exceptional German engineering of the vehicle.

Thankfully every year lots of people lose their car keys and use our services at festivals which means I essentially get a free festival plus some money to take home, so thank you guys – and I am grateful to be in a position to help you.

Call 07830884073 and I will get you back to civilisation, Alternatively, send up an SOS flare and we’ll find you.

Until next time…

lost car keys at Glastonbury festival


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