Lost car keys

Lost car keys can happen to any of us.

In fact, here’s a little secret. I myself dropped keys on the street and kicked them as I was walking, I watch them slide towards the drain. plop!.

Of course, I do have a spare key being an auto locksmith but that key was 200 miles away and the time was 3 am easter morning. All the equipment to make a new key was obviously inside the ultra-secure vehicle with 3 sets of locks.

Luckily for me, the drain cover was removable and after getting a bit gunky I did manage to retrieve them.

The alternative was calling out another auto locksmith, which might have been one of my more embarrassing moments, but that’s life.

Lost car key replacement at the roadside

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Our mission

Our mission is to eliminate the risk of using an unknown service for the first time.

Most people have never lost their car keys or locked their keys in the car. so using a service for the first time when time is limited can be a risk.

We always charge fair prices compared to the dealerships and our service is almost instant compared to 1-2 weeks.

You always receive an update on the time of arrival and only the highest qualified and experienced technicians work alongside us to replace your lost car keys.

As the company is owned by trading locksmiths we are much more knowledgeable than an advertising agency and more qualified to ask the correct questions at the first point of contact.

Car key cutting and programming equipment gets more advanced as car security systems improve over time. The keys also get more expensive. It is never a ‘cheap’ mistake to make to lose your only car key. This is why we always recommend having two, so we offer a discount on the second key.



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