Keys locked in the car?

Here at The Car key locksmith, we understand how stressful it is to have your keys locked in the car. Sometimes a child or dog can be locked inside the vehicle.

We have found that the keys get locked inside most often when the remote control has 3 buttons, lock unlock and boot.

3 button car key remote

Many people press the boot button to open and put their shopping inside, they place the keys down inside as they do so and then close the boot.

The problem with that is only the boot was unlocked and not the rest of the car, so upon closing the boot it will lock automatically.

My advice to unlock the boot is to press unlock on the remote ( sometimes twice ) so that this situation cant happen. You will have to lock the car afterwards, but it’s better than locking your keys in the boot and calling a locksmith!

Our highly trained technicians carry professional lockpicks for almost every vehicle lock so you can rest assured it’s always a high-quality service job with no damage.

Do not smash a window!

We are always the cheapest and fastest option for recovering your keys, please don’t smash a window, people severely underestimate the cost and time it takes to get a window replaced.

The average price of replacing a side window is currently £215, you can read more about window replacement here ( Don’t do it! )

We have had customers tell us that they paid closer to £350 for a window replacement and had to wait 3-6 days on average. We can be with you in 30 minutes and are about one-third of the price with no mess, no damage and no waiting time.

dog locked in car

We unlock all makes and models of cars including:

  • Alfa Romeo Unlocking
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  • Honda Unlocking
  • Hyundai Unlocking
  • Jaguar Unlocking
  • Jeep Unlocking
  • Kia Unlocking
  • Land Rover Unlocking
  • Lexus Unlocking
  • Mazda Unlocking
  • Mercedes Unlocking
  • MG Unlocking
  • Mini Unlocking
  • Mitsubishi Unlocking
  • Nissan Unlocking
  • Peugeot Unlocking
  • Porsche Unlocking
  • Renault Unlocking
  • Seat Unlocking
  • Skoda Unlocking
  • Subaru Unlocking
  • Suzuki Unlocking
  • Toyota Unlocking
  • Vauxhall Unlocking
  • Volkswagen Unlocking
  • Volvo Unlocking

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