Ignition replacement

Has your key stopped turning in the ignition, you might need an ignition barrel replacement.

There are 2 possible reasons for this: either the key blade has worn down and is no longer pushing the wafers to the correct height in the ignition barrel. Or the wafers have worn down and are not at the correct height

In either case, we can get the problem resolved at the roadside. Getting your vehicle towed to a garage is more costly and time-consuming, so call us today and we can come to you.

Work vans and delivery vans are very prone to these problems as they are inserting and removing the key much more than the average daily driver. Tradesmen that work with wood, concrete, plaster and metal can eventually get material into the ignition barrel and disturb the moving parts.

Ignition Repair

We may be able to perform an ignition barrel repair depending on the extent of the damage, but we can always carry out an ignition barrel replacement if a repair is not possible.

Certain types of ignition barrels are more prone to problems, we find that we are replacing Ford Transit ignitions more than any other model.

Some cars and vans have electronic ignitions and electronic steering locks which can also fail, resulting in the key not being able to be turned. Even if the key blade and ignition wafers are in working condition. These can most commonly be found on Mercedes Benz’s and Audi’s. The W204 Mercedes electronic steering lock is very common to fail. We can also replace these at the roadside saving a chunk of change vs the dealership and recovery service.

Ignition switch replacement can also be done at the roadside in most cases.

Ignition barrel and ignition switch replacement – Various makes and models

  • Alfa Romeo ignition repair
  • Audi Keys ignition repair
  • Bmw ignition repair
  • Chevrolet ignition repair
  • Chrysler ignition repair
  • Citroen ignition repair
  • Dacia ignition repair
  • Daewoo ignition repair
  • Fiat ignition repair
  • Ford ignition repair
  • Honda ignition repair
  • Hyundai ignition repair
  • Jaguar ignition repair
  • Jeep ignition repair
  • Kia ignition repair
  • Land Rover ignition repair
  • Lexus ignition repair
  • Mazda ignition repair
  • Mercedes ignition repair
  • MG ignition repair
  • Mini ignition repair
  • Mitsubishi ignition repair
  • Nissan ignition repair
  • Peugeot ignition repair
  • Porsche rignition repair
  • Renault ignition repair
  • Seat ignition repair
  • Skoda ignition repair
  • Subaru ignition repair
  • Suzuki ignition repair
  • Toyota ignition repair
  • Vauxhall ignition repair
  • Volkswagen ignition repair
  • Volvo ignition repair
ignition barrel repair

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